Top 10 Best U.S. Cities For Outdoor Adventures

Johnson City, Tennessee

Many cities advertise outdoor adventure opportunities, but they're usually 30–60 minutes away. Hiking trails are 10 minutes from downtown Johnson City.

New York, New York

Brooklyn, New York, is one of the greatest U.S. outdoor adventure destinations. The Ravine in Prospect Park, Brooklyn, is New York City's largest "forest."

Seattle, Washington

Mountaineering on Rainier and Baker, world-class climbing in the Cascades, skiing downhill 45 minutes from the city, and cross-country skiing a few hours away are all available.

Sedona, Arizona

Adventurers will love Sedona. Surreal red rock formations, high canyon walls, and pine trees surround it. Outdoor activities complement its natural charm.

Los Angeles, California

LA has everything. The city has great food, beaches, wines, and ski slopes two hours away. Visit Venice Beach or Griffith Observatory for city views.

South Lake Tahoe, California

San Francisco's three-hour trip to South Lake Tahoe is beautiful. Plus, this city is lovely year-round.

Moab, Utah

Moab, Utah, is a prominent US outdoor adventure destination. Due to Arches National Park, Moab, a small town, has grown. Utah's natural beauty shows in the many outdoor activities available.

Fort Collins, Colorado

Outdoor enthusiasts love Fort Collins' national parks, woods, and mountains. Visit Roosevelt National Forest near Fort Collins. The national forest is ideal for rock climbing, hiking, and equestrian riding.

St. Petersburg, Florida

St. Petersburg earned its "Sunshine City" moniker after setting the world record for continuous sunny days. The year-round good weather makes visiting simple, and once you're there, the experience continues.

Bend, Oregon

Newberry National Volcanic Monument, 54,000 acres of volcanic terrain from a 1,000-year-old explosion, draws tourists to Bend. Smith Rock State Park in Bend attracts hikers, bikers, equestrian riders, and campers.