Top 10 Japanese Short Bob Hairstyles You Should Try


With this melting brown Japanese bob, we're dreaming of sunlight and sandy beaches. The stacked inverted bob is layered and fashionable.

Red Raven Hairstyle

This gleaming bob descends smoothly, with rounds and layers fading toward the edges. The lack of bangs produces a demure image.

Creamy Cut Hairstyle

The hair in the back falls slightly over the shoulders and flows beautifully to the front. Big bangs draw attention to delicate curves and reduce layers to effectively slope.

Chocolate Delight Hairstyle

This Japanese bob haircut has back layers that blend with the front layers to provide luster. The short layers provide volume as the front layers fall toward the jaws.

Short Whispers Hairstyle

The hair is parallel to the chin, with fluffy bangs over the forehead. The layers are evenly spaced and merged, giving this hairstyle a light appearance.

Short Wavy Hairstyle

Several feathery layers give the hairdo a soft, wavy look and fall just below the chin. This haircut is appropriate for those with no bangs.

Sleek And Smooth Hairstyle

This Japanese bob has a lot of personality! Hair effectively conceals the eyes and frames the face. Bold accents provide a sense of elegance and adventure.

Vampress Hairstyle

Layers are evenly spaced and gently tapered. At the shoulders and chin, the layers are longer. With this hairstyle, any face may seem strong and feminine!

Berry Bob Hairstyle

Hair color enhances a haircut significantly. For a pleasing impression, highlight the bangs with your desired color. With unsharpened bangs, the haircut may be correctly contoured.

Platinum Ice Hairstyle

This style may be used to straighten blonde hair. The rear of this hairdo is short, while the front is longer. The hair extends an inch beyond the chin.

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